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 Websites are an integral part of building and growing a business, and web hosting is a crucial part of creating a high-quality website. With so many different providers and plans on the market, choosing a web hosting provider can be daunting. To make it easier for you to decide, we have researched dozens of options to determine the ten best website hosting services.

To select the best web hosting services, we analyzed the top providers and compared them on thousands of data points. Each service presented here was selected according to price, performance, security and extras such as a free domain name and a free business email.

How to Choose the Best Web Hosting Service for You

When choosing the best web hosting service, consider the most important aspects of the needs of your site. For example, content-rich websites, such as a portfolio website or an e-learning website with many video tutorials, require a lot of storage space. While a small e-commerce website may not require as much storage space, you will need an SSL certificate to accept online payments and additional security features to protect sensitive data.

An essential feature that web hosting beginners like to overlook is technical support. Although you may not have any problems with the host or the service it offers, technical support for web hosting is crucial for beginners, because first-class support can help you with general website and WordPress problems.

How does web hosting work?

Think of web hosting as the process of finding a home for your website. The content of your site: the domain name, the HTML code, the images, the text, etc. - everyone needs a place to live. Web hosting offers a place where this content is stored on a server.

In short, a server is a computer that connects users to your website. In other words, the server is like a large condominium or office building, and web hosting consists in renting offices or buying a condominium in this building.

Web Hosting vs. Domain Hosting

Before you can find a home for your website via web hosting, you first need a domain name. Although they are related, web hosting and domain hosting are very different services. Web hosting is the process of connecting your website to a server, while domain hosting is the process of securing a domain name or web address for your website.

According to our analogy above, if web hosting is similar to renting space in a building, domain hosting is like putting a nameplate with your name and address in front of your door. The domain is used to navigate to your address on the Internet.

Many service providers offer domain hosting and web hosting, which can provide a unique convenience, but depending on your needs, you should consider separating the services. However, before you can think about web hosting, you first need a domain name through a domain registrar.

Types of web hosting

There are several types of web hosting. Although there may be a tendency to give preference to the cheapest option, depending on your needs, this may cause problems in the future. For this reason, it is important not to limit yourself to costs, but also to customer service, security, speed and customization options.

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Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is most popular with small businesses and websites that don't need a lot of customization or don't expect a lot of traffic. Shared hosting can accommodate multiple websites - tens, hundreds, or thousands - on a single server.

Since the cost is relatively low, this is a cost-effective option, but there may be service interruptions or slower connection speeds due to the fact that several clients / websites access the resources of the same server, including disk space, RAM and CPU power (Central Processing Unit).

Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting  

One step forward compared to shared hosting is VPS hosting. As with shared hosting, multiple sites are hosted on the same server, but each site's files and content are hosted in their own dedicated space on the server. They pay a little more than with shared hosting, but they also have their own server area, isolated from other clients on the server. For this reason, VPS hosting is more secure. In addition, the VPS hosting is scalable according to your needs and you can modify the server and install any software you need.

VPS hosting can be managed or not. If you choose managed VPS hosting, the host provides all the necessary maintenance and services to keep the website and server running. You pay a little more for managed VPS hosting, but you are not responsible for its maintenance.

On the contrary, using unmanaged VPS hosting means that you are responsible for configuring and maintaining the server itself, monitoring security threats, installing software updates, and backing up your data. Unmanaged VPS hosting is a good option for website developers, companies with a dedicated IT department and people with technology experience.

Managed WordPress Hosting

Since WordPress is such a popular content management system, many web hosting providers offer WordPress-specific hosting. In addition to web hosting, these providers also offer services such as technical support and WordPress-specific software updates. It offers advantages such as scalability, speed and security, but the price is around $ 2 to $ 30 per month. In addition, there are fewer customization options because they are limited to WordPress features.

Hosting in the cloud

Cloud hosting hosts your website on multiple servers for maximum performance and connection speeds. It is more expensive than shared hosting, but it minimizes connection or speed problems, as it can easily cope with traffic spikes. Cloud hosting also provides scalability, backup and disaster recovery. However, these additional services come at a price, and cloud hosting providers' pricing models can be confusing depending on the customization of the plan.

Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated web hosting is when a website uses the entire server exclusively. Since it has its own dedicated server, security and connection problems are minimized. But it has its price.

However, the cost may be justified in some situations. For example, if you expect a significant increase in website traffic, service interruptions and slow connection speeds can harm your business. In this case, the cost of a dedicated server would be worth it, since it provides uninterrupted service and fast connection speeds. A dedicated server also provides additional security, which is useful if you are processing personal information such as credit card information.

Web Hosting Costs

Prices vary greatly between the different types of web hosting services. Even within the individual types, there may be price differences between service providers, depending on the level of customer service and the duration of the selected service plan. In general, prices vary as follows:

Shared Web Hosting - Up to $15 per Month

VPS Web Hosting: $18 to $85 per month

Managed WordPress Hosting - from $2 to $30 per month

Cloud hosting: from $5 to $ 50 per month

Dedicated Server Hosting: $80 to several hundred dollars per month


Our staff has researched over 50 of the best web hosting companies and collected thousands of data points to narrow down our top ten recommendations. The collected data was divided into five main categories, each with several separate subcategories. These categories include:

Prices as well as the contract term, renewal prices and money-back guarantees

Key features such as bandwidth and storage limitations

Extras and included services such as a free domain, an SSL certificate and a one-click installation


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We've gone through the technical jargon to make sure you get the basics as well as great features to find the best candidates based on the aspects your business really needs.

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