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It seems like the days of free apps are slowly coming to an end. Password manager LastPass recently announced that it's severely limiting the use of its free app, and now Google Drive Storage has sent out emails reaffirming that it's ending its unlimited photo storage policy:

Google Drive Storage

  • If it's no surprise Google announced its new policy in November 2020, it's still depressing to remember the next storage crisis. Of course, until June 1, you can still add as many "high-quality" photos as you want, so if you're planning on uploading a lot of old photos, now's the time to do it. In the meantime, however, you might want to know how much space you're already using, so you know if you need to upgrade.

It's not difficult, and there are several ways to do it: Go to this page and you'll see a breakdown of how much storage you're using and how it's been split between Google Drive Storage , Gmail, Google Photos, and your device's backup.

  1. You can also see what proportion of Google storage you have got left by visiting your Google Drive page and viewing the storage stats displayed on the underside of the left column. Google has also created a page that estimates and supported your current usage, and how long it'll be before you wish to extend your space for storage.
  2. you'll find it here. After the June 1 deadline has passed, Google says it'll send reminders after you approach your limit. It also intends to produce a tool that will identify what it calls "dark, blurry and unwanted content". Now that you simply know the way much space you've got left, you'll try and determine what you wish to try to do next.

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If you're nearing your limit, does one want to pay Google for more storage? (Prices start at $1. 99/month for 100GB. ) have you ever found another service to store your photos? you opt. A word of advice: Before you are doing anything, attempt to get obviate unspecified, junk, or duplicate files in your Google Drive Storage . you would be surprised what proportion of space you'll save.